Tuesday, March 18, 2008

On introductions, translations, meaning and the lack thereof...

Ok, so this is my attempt at hustling a BG fanzine to an English-speaking audience. Namely - the on-line magazine ShadowDance. This blog will present selected stuff (reviews, articles and the like), translated in English. Is there a point to it? No, not really. Even if you like what you read here, you're still not gonna be able to read the magazine. But hey! Why should such banality stand in the way of Pointless Undertakings?

So, anyway, my name is Simeon, but I use Roland on-line, and NO - that's not some obscure call for help, but a remnant of a different Age, long ago, when true men roamed the wastelands, women were to die for, and little yours truly was a die-hard fan of Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. What I do in ShadowDance is mostly everything - from organization to writing reviews and editing. I'm not alone in this, of course, as you'll have the chance to see if you check the Team page. Shadowdance is entirely fan-based and therefore - still alive, kicking and keeping with the proud traditions of unprofessionality set by thousands of net-junkies through the ages.

Even so, we've been on for more than seven years now, and that's not a small feat, all things considered. Furthermore we've established ourselves as the leader in SFF on-line community in Bulgaria. Which is less of an accomplishment than it sounds, but nice and fluffy all the same.

So, without further ado...

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Emperor said...

Interesting. Would you say that Bulgaria is characteristic of most of Central Europe, as far as you know? What of Scandinavia and Western Europe?

Im just curious. Im an independent Spec Fic/Sci Fic/Fantasy Author, and started my own indepdent self-publishing company.

Maybe you could take a look at some of my products, and debate whether they are viable for translation?

My Site is under my name. And you can email me at: