Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Team

Yan Silversword - Yan is the creator of ShadowDance, his father, so to speak. And like many fathers, he did it because he was bored, but we're not gonna let such things ruin the family. What does he do beside being a symbol: Book, Movie and Music reviews, Editorials and News.

Moridin - A programmer with a poet's heart and a scholar's attitude, Moridin was the second to join the ranks of ShadowDance, almost from the very beginning. Now he's dealing with being an editor, author (mostly Book and Movie reviews, Evergreen and Articles), and also being our top man where all things technical are concerned.

Roland - Yours truly came on board around a year after the Beginning. Being an active bugger though, I quickly started taking more work than I could possibly bear, so sometimes I need to... shrug. What I do in the magazine is simple - everything up to editing. There isn't a section of ShadowDance where I haven't left my mark, but that sounds a bit Chihuaua as it goes, so I'm gonna shut up now...

Xellos - One of the oldest (pun intended) members of the magazine, Xellos is our leading designer, webmaster and sometimes - if the planets align just right - author, mainly in the Movies section. He's a fine example of the axiom that placid surface often hides monsters. With tentacles. Oozing tentacles. You know what I mean. But we love him anyway, and sometimes we even think it's reciprocated so I guess it's ok.

Clio - The third in our cute triumvirate of editors, Clio is a charming young lady with a loveable personality and a Nazi obsession with punctuation and spelling. Nothing escapes her notice, which is nice, when you think about it, since both me and Moridin are prone to overlooking things that we're too lazy to fix... Oh, did I mention she used to write reviews too? And even a short story once. Ah, the good old free days...

Alanna - Just another name in the long list of Wheel of Time nicks in Shadowdance but by far the prettiest among them. Alanna is an artist with a personality to match - fickle and witty, both gentle and harsh, and of course - extremely temperamental. She's our designer and even if we've yet to make her write something in the magazine itself, she's still an irreplaceable part of the team.

Matrim & Demandred - It's not easy being an ex-WoT addict, what with all those Moridins, Asmodeans and Rands walking around, but Mat & Dem manage it just fine. Almost identical twins, they've been a part of the magazine since time immemorial, and they've always been among the most active authors in the team in every area, be it Books, Movies, Evergreen or Profiles. And they're actually quite different from one another, but we can't really pass the opportunity to present a pair of twins as... erm... a pair. Can we?

Random - The second youngest member of the Shadowdance team. Previously of the programmer persuasion, but now - thankfully - an honest student of English Language and Literature. Random is as stable and dedicated to the cause as one can get, without being a nerd, and he has extremely broad interests when it comes to literature. And that's a field where, as we know, the urge to experiment can never be a bad thing. Also, Random is one of the last ShadowDancers who can still find the time to write short stories.

Trip - Another student (now almost graduate) of English Language and Literature, Trip is among the newer members of the team, but very valuable none the less. He's a paradox - both very productive and always being late with his texts - but he's so cute and universally liked by almost every living creature in existence, that we can hardly hold it against him, even if we wanted to.

The Dragon - Another programmer (God they're everywhere!), but one who actually reads fiction instead of only code, which kinda makes him uniqe, doesn't it? He's been with Shadowdance for years and in that time he's written a really appalling quantity of Book, Movie and Games reviews. By far the fastest reader I know, and one of the most active members of the team.

Morwen - Our own personal Jane Austeen has all it takes to be unique-but-still-cute in the XXI century. She's always fighting for what's Appropriate And Decent, yet never shies from listening some depressing music in the small hours, or asserting some good biting sarcasm. Morwen mainly reviews Movies, but like any old member of the team she's been there and done most of that.

Alexis - Alexis is a Medicine student. She's also our resident yaoi fan-girl. Or she was. Or she still is, but not quite. It's not perfectly clear. You don't really know what yaoi is? Well so much the better for you, although Alexis would be the first to explain it in detail if you make the mistake of stating your ignorance in front of her. Alex is also an anime-geek and has written many reviews in the Anime section. She also reviews Movies and Books. And in her spare time she writes slash fiction. For what it's worth, she's damn good in it.

Ghibli - A quiet personality can often hide treacherous waters, and just like Xellos, Ghibli isn't as calm as she looks. One of the last Tolkienists alive in the team, she often has fits of Righteous Anger concerning our rather lax ways of doing things in ShadowDance. But don't let that fool you. Ghibli has a big heart and is always there when you need her. She's also Yan's girlfriend, so that practically makes her Mrs. ShadowDance when you come to think about it...

Marfa - As strange birds go, Marfa is pretty strange. She's one of those people who live in a parallel universe where things are almost the way they're in ours, but not quite. That gives her a unique perspective on things, one that is invaluable at times, even though she's never been among the most active members of the magazine. Still, we're all family, and Marfa is as much a part of it as anyone else.

Garo - Garo is the current force behind the Music section. He's also good with Movies, but his true passion is music (or at least parts of it, ones I don't really understand) and in the few months he's been in the team, he's already made a name for himself. Which is "Garo". Not extremely original, I grant you, but if it's ok with him...

Amelia - Another anime-geek and the paragon of criticism and irony, Amelia is a girl with attitude. One should be very careful to be on her good side or consequences might occur. When there's a will there's a way, and Amelia never lacks the will. She's been in the magazine for a few months now and she shines in the Anime and Movies sections.

Dangerous Pumpkin - Almost as mysterious as her nickname, this charming young woman is our secret agent among the Enemy (a.k.a. the publishing houses). She is witty, smart and critical, and she rarely has the patience for bad literature or misbehaving publishers. Which means she's in for an awful amount of never-ending suffering, but she's bearing it like a trooper. And we love her for it.

Pugsley - The youngest and newest member of the team, Pugsley is into Movies and Anime. He's a party animal and his skills in improvisation when it comes to cursing and vulgarity are beyond human. Beneath this rather rough visage however he is a very intelligent young man and a loyal friend. Yes, the combination is as good as it sounds.

In those long almost eight years many other people have been around and left, or just guest-appeared for a specific Review/Article. Our team is dynamic and we never turn down people who want to write and have the ability. That's the only way to stay alive after all...

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